Women urged to participate in politics

Nebbi. A rights activist has urged women in West Nile sub-region to actively participate in politics if they are to promote their rights.

Ms Perry Aritua, the executive director of Women’s Democracy Network Uganda Chapter, told female councillors during training at the weekend in Nebbi District that the rights of women have been frustrated by men.

She said the mindset of most women has been brain-washed by most men who always claim that women do not make good leaders yet the latter play a big role in the welfare of the human race.

“As women, we should have confidence and always believe in ourselves that we can take part in leadership to serve the nation. The women in rural and urban areas of West Nile must come out to challenge the men in political positions so that they could be able to aocate for their rights,” Ms Aritua said.

In the current elections, few women across the region are competing with men as many of them opted to contest mainly in positions allotted for women. This, Ms Aritua, said should not continue because women have the capability of serving the nation in all spheres.

The LC5 female councillor representing People with Disabilities, Ms Doreen Nimungu, said there was need for more sensitisation to awaken them as female leaders to fully take part in politics and have the courage to contest among men.




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