Wolokoso – Nasasira, Ssewungu and Tamale Mirundi

Presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi once described himself as Museveni’s dog that bites whoever tries to harm its boss.

And it seems Mirundi’s sharp tongue is getting to some honourable members of this society. Last week Kalungu West MP Joseph Ssewungu (DP) tasked ministers John Nasasira (ICT) and Aston Kajara (State for Investment) to explain why Mirundi “abuses” people using public media.

“Honourable Nasasira, you are in charge of UBC radio and Star FM, as a minister but why do you allow people to openly abuse others?” asked an irked Ssewungu.

However, Nasasira appeared not to understand what Ssewungu was talking about. He asked: “Who is abusing who?”

Ssewungu answered: “You tune in today (Tuesday) you will hear Mirundi abusing people without fear yet he is an employee of government….You wait today he is going to abuse you….because right now you have disagreements with Byandala over Katosi road.”

Nasasira, who did a good job of appearing terrified, asked Ssewungu for more information.

“When does he start to abuse?” Nasasira said, forcing MPs to burst into laughter.

Seeking even more information, Nasasira’s colleague Kajara asked: “Which frequency is Star FM?”

But this infuriated Ssewungu, who believed that ministers should know assets their government owns. “Now look at this one [Kajara] he is a government minister who does not even know the frequency of the government radio!”

Wamma Honourable Kajara, Star is on 87.5 FM

Only few MPs welcome at Nsibambi book launch

Many people think that once you become a Member of Parliament, you are a VIP and can attend most functions as long as you have the time. But according to former Prime Minister Apolo Nsibambi, not many of the current crop of MPs will be welcome to his long-awaited book launch.

“I will invite some of you, but not all of you because I have a lot of other friends from the Judiciary, academia,” Nsibambi recently told MPs on the Public Service and Local Government committee.

Specifically pointing at Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny (NRM), the committee chairperson, and Mabel Bakeine (Bugangaizi East, NRM), Nsibambi said: “But certainly, I will invite the two of you.”

Then, pointing in the direction of Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze (DP), the former premier said: “But the rest of you will forgive me.”

Nsibambi was responding to MPs who had asked whether they were invited to attend his book launch, which is expected this month. Asked how he found time to write a book given his busy schedules, Nsibambi said: “I have been avoiding mikology in order to concentrate on research to help my book writing.”

The word mikology left some MPs bemused, but it appears to be a Nsibambi coinage from the Luganda word mikolo, which means functions or parties.

When the president has no time

This is crunch time for Uganda’s hardworking president, Gen Yoweri Museveni. With 2016 around the corner, the war general seems to be in campaign mode already, as he tries to squeeze countless events in a finite day. Recently, Museveni ‘abandoned’ two heads of state to fly to a remote village in Bukomansimbi for the funeral rites of his late friend Sheikh Huzairu Kiruuta, before moving on to Sheema.

It is normally a given that where the head of state is, the national anthem is sung. But at Kabigi village, there was no time for this. After the president had paid his respects at Kiruuta’s grave, the people remained standing in the hope of singing the Uganda and Buganda anthems, and possibly the East African one.

However, Museveni started addressing the gathering right away, telling them he did not have much time with them.

Now, there is a hard-working leader!

Source : The Observer

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