Why you need a prescription before using Betaderm-N

By: Stella Nakakande

One day, I overheard one woman recommending a medication called Betaderm-N to her friend. The woman assured her friend that the medication would clear her skin and make if flawless. Like this woman in question, there are several people who are using and abusing these kinds of medications.

Betaderm-N consists of betamethasone, which can be applied directly on the skin, and neomycin, which is an antibiotic. Betamethasone is considered a strong chemical.

But what people do not know is that these medications should only be given under the supervision of a specialist, especially for those that are potent. In addition, many are usually recommended for the treatment of inflammatory conditions of the skin that do not arise from infection. That is why it becomes hard for a person who is self-prescribing to know if their infection is fungal, bacterial or viral?

Inflammation is defined as a physical condition in which part of the body that has been subjected to injury becomes red, swollen, hot and often times painful. It can arise from eczema, insect bites and contact dermatitis, all of which can be diagnosed by a doctor.

But even in such cases, the medications which contain corticosteroids do not cure the disease, but relieve symptoms and on discontinuation, the symptoms may re-occur.

In fact, it is advised that medications with strong or potent corticosteroids should not be applied on the face, unless it has been recommended by a specialist.

Application should not be more than twice a day, and should be thinly spread on the skin.

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