Why Thoughtworks Is Closing Their Ugandan Office? (allAfrica.com)

On 27th November 2015, ThoughtWorks, a global software development and delivery organization will close its Ugandan office due to a number of factors. Coming to Uganda, the company had aimed at concentrating on health-related software development by channeling all global requirements to Uganda. This wasn’t viable though, and in Uganda they did not find any new business to sustain the operation. With increasing difficulties in trying to keep the company afloat in Uganda, ThoughtWorks came to a numbing decision of closing the physical office in the country.

In their closing message, the company assured Ugandans of their commitment to continue impacting Africa through their works despite not having a physical office in Kampala. “ThoughtWorks mission in Africa is focused on creating a strong Pan-African culture, rather than any individual country focus. Our multi-pillar approach with a stronger social agenda than anywhere in the world remains in place and – while we will not have a physical office in Kampala – our team will still work to have impact across Africa,” the message read in part.


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