What’s with the numerous wedding meeting messages?

Tis the season to receive wedding meeting invites even from people you haven’t seen in years and those you know nothing about.

Receiving them is not the problem per say, the real issue is that they come in fives every single day.

Filling up my inbox and burning out my battery for no reason at all. Sometimes I want to call the senders and tell them in very uncertain terms that I get it and that they should lose my number, but its Christmas season and I’d hate to be a grinch.

But I wish I could tell them that once a week is just fine. Because really, why would you suffocate people with five wedding messages every day?

Just make a call to people and inform them of your upcoming wedding and tell them that you need their financial help and then maybe follow that up with a message or two as reminders. If you want my money, be bold enough to ask for it, don’t send blind messages. Sometimes the people you are sending messages to died years back and their phone numbers are only active because a relative decided to use the number for one reason or another.

Anyway, messages are not really what’s eating me up. Someone please help me understand why a full grown man who has decided to be noble and marry the woman he loves, would budget for a wedding that is way beyond his means and then expect Uganda and the neighbouring countries to pay the bill?

Yes at such times is when we expect our friends and family to show us support by giving unconditionally to making our dream wedding come true but surely it is pure selfishness to expect a Shs100 million wedding when all you have saved for the wedding is Shs1m.

So where do you expect the Shs99 million to come from? Goodwill? Well-wishers? I know the Bible says to have faith but the same Bible repeatedly urges us to be wise. Faith and foolishness are two different things.

I hear people saying that their women are the ones who make demands on them and for fear of disappointing them or being despised by prospective in-laws, they abide by these grand plans just to impress.

Taking loans to fill gaping holes in the budget and renting goods such as cars, land titles and the like to bring as gifts at an introduction ceremony and thereafter returning them to the shop after the show (Introduction) is done. What a joke.

If you proposed marriage out of your own goodwill, no one coerced you into it, surely somewhere in your brain, you should have known that you would have to spend some money on making a weddingintroduction happen and should therefore have thought of proper ways to generate the funds needed.

You would think that it is basic common sense that if you can’t afford a huge wedding, then settle for something small and simple.

But no, some people pretend to be so in love that common sense is but a fleeting bird to them.

If your womanman is making unrealistic demands on you, be a manwoman, stand your ground and be honest about what you can and can’t afford instead of simply being a yes-manwoman and then suffocating us with five wedding meeting invites a day in your frantic endeavour to make ends meet.

If she leaves because you can’t afford to give her a Shs100 million wedding, then obviously you were not the one for her.