What if she ‘worked’ late and never spent time with you?

By: Kiiza Akiiki

“Yes sweetie, why can’t I call you after I am out of the taxi?” a man responds to a call. I thought he was talking to his wife, fiancée or girlfriend. But I was surprised when I later heard him apologising to the woman saying he had mistaken her for someone else.

How could this happen? How can you confuse your spouse for someone else? I mean, calling other people ‘sweetie’? I can’t imagine how that woman or girl felt. But after hearing this man talk about his home affairs, I think he had a housewife. Women can be patient really! How can you openly show how you deal with other women, yet when it comes to me, you’re so protective?

Are all men like that or are there some we can trust? Thing is those who look innocent are the ones who play behind our backs. The bible talks about one man – one woman, the two leaving their parents’ homes to live as one. Why won’t the men stand by this as the women do?

A lady will painfully stand by her man no matter the circumstances. When my father lost his house back then, his wife stood by him. Three of us were sitting our final exams then. He had to look for school fees not only for the three of us but for the other siblings, as well as pay rent.

Loving someone with all your heart is something I think every woman or man would love. Why will a woman drive straight home and a man drives past to pick up his mistress, take her out and later drop her home, returning home with no milk or bread?

A friend once told me about a man who left his home as early as 5:30am. His wife felt bad that she had not prepared her husband breakfast. She begged him to hold on for a few minutes so she could fix him something.

“My darling, don’t worry, I am okay, I will have breakfast where I am going. You don’t need to bother yourself, I know you love and care about me,” he said, sweetly. They hugged and the man left. Later at around 8am, the woman received a call from an old friend, asking whether she had separated from her husband of six years. “Why?” she asked.

“I am sorry but I have seen your husband with another woman leaving a residence here in Bweyogerere,” her friend said.

The wife couldn’t believe this, because she could never imagine this ever happening. She tried calling her husband but the phone didn’t go through. She called his friend at work. Her man had not reached his place of work and they had no planned field work or journey as he had told her earlier.

She drove to his office and waited in the parking lot. No sooner had she parked than the man drove in, a lady besides him. She was his colleague and lover.

He was dumbfounded. That day, he went home early. His wife played it cool.

Why oh why? I mean, you have a family to spend time with, look after and make happy, but here you are spending time and money on another woman. Men, how about you begin thinking twice about your actions? I’m sure you wouldn’t love to find out your woman had a man on the side.

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