Wedding – Peter Musangala Crowned in Seeta [analysis]

“My sweetheart Diana, I place this ring as a caveat to prohibit any gentleman who may come your way with intent to snatch you. It will act as an impediment until I formally lodge a wedding ring on you on October 25. This ring will protect my equitable interests till I make my interests legal by church marriage,” said counsel Simon Peter Musangala as he looked deep into his fianceacutee’s eyes.

Trust lawyers to make even introduction ceremonies seem so serious!

As the rest of Busoga was celebrating the crowning of their new Kyabazinga, Musangala, a lawyer with WEB Aocates and Solicitors, was being crowned Diana Lyaka’s man at her family home in Seeta. It was intellectual warfare as Lyaka, a tax officer with Uganda Revenue Authority, introduced Musangala to her parents.

The groom’s entourage, which mostly consisted of lawyers, did its best to show exactly how learned they were.

Musangala’s father, Paul Kigaye, even informed guests that he was among the people who drafted the 1995 Uganda Constitution. Not to be outdone by their visitors, Lyaka’s uncle, Professor Okumu Omuba, informed ‘the learned friends’: “In our family, we first learn before we study.”

But before the two competitive families got together for their children’s introduction ceremony, the lovebirds had earlier met as students at Makerere University. Musangala was campaigning for president Makerere Law Society when he met Lyaka in Mary Stuart hall in 2009. Smitten by her beauty and intelligence, he asked for her phone number. They, however, only began dating in 2011 when Musangala, tired of having inactive numbers, was deleting some contacts.

“When I reached Diana’s number I hesitated to delete it. I decided to call her first. She was nursing her sister who had just given birth in Mulago, but I asked to see her. She still made some time for me. We had our first date at Apple Ice restaurant along Sir Apollo Kaggwa road,” he recalls.

They dated for three years before she took him to her parents’ home as tradition dictates. The highlight of the ceremony was when Musangala impulsively shot up from his seat in excitement when Lyaka made her first grand entrance. He clapped vigorously to the amazement of guests. According to Musangala, his girl looked so beautiful in her red gomesi that he could not handle the excitement.

“It was a spontaneous moment for me. It was a reflex action. She was just sparkling,” he gushed.

It was perhaps the same excitement that prompted him into pecking his sweetheart on the cheek. Scandalous as it may be in many Ugandan cultures to kiss one’s partner in the presence of parents-in-law, it made Musangala’s day. For her second appearance, Lyaka looked sweet and soft in a pink sari.

But not everything had moved smoothly from the start most members of the groom’s entourage got lost in Seeta town where they were supposed to link up for free transport.

And at the ceremony, the MC forgot to announce that Musangala had brought a Friesian cow as a gift, something that infuriated the groom. The Musangalas will have their church wedding on October 25 at St Francis Chapel, Makerere University.

Source : The Observer

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