Watch out for this kind of man

So, today is all about the ladies. I am going to be the nice guy that tells you what kind of men to avoid. I probably shouldn’t be doing this, because I realise I am doing a shoot-my-self-in-the-foot kind of thing, since I am not the most perfect of men. But hey, with the Christmas season here and all, I am feeling kind of neighbourly to my prey. So, here goes

We start off with the “Just-Out-of-a -Relationship-Guy.” Especially if he is the one who was dumped. Issues just. Too much carry-over baggage, anger, resentment. The guy is not a happy one. You have to literally fight his mind off the other girl. You are nothing more than a rebound thing. Your patience has to be like that of Job for you to hang in there till he wakes up and rejoins the world of the living.

Next is the guy that gets angry really quickly. Fact is that everyone gets angry, but there is a clear line between normal anger and irrational anger. If he reacts like a hurricane every time he gets angry, and behaves recklessly and dangerously, you have a really serious case of anger-management on your hands. Walk away girl right there is a wife-beater in the making. You don’t want to still be around when he starts beating people.

Then there is the guy whose life is all about work and money. This one determines his value and importance from how much money he has, and there is really little time and space in his life for anything else, besides money of course. Not even you. Notice that when he is broke, a perfectly normal thing that happens to everyone, he is not at his best. If money is the barometer by which his moods swing, walk away girl. You don’t want to compete with his money.

There is that guy whose intentions are not clear. For you, everything is as clear as day you want a relationship. But him, he tells you he wants a relationship, but acts as if you are friends, at times like you are one if his guy-friends. Simply, your intentions are not aligned with his. This is a slow but steady decline into disappointment and possibly depression. Walk away girl, if he is not serious about you now, nothing you do will make him settle down.

This next guy is the opposite of the money guy. This one has no ambition, no motivation, he is not accountable for anything in his life. Not even you. It’s like he does not have dreams or aspirations. He seems to have no purpose to do anything in life. Honestly, how do you expect him to show up and be purposeful in a serious relationship?

Also, steer away from the guy who is too attached to his family. Family is everything, but some go overboard. They are dependent on their family financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. The guy cannot do anything without his family getting involved. If you don’t meet the family’s approval, too bad for you. Then, be prepared to be as perfect as his mother. For this one, run off girl.

The last and clearly the worst of the lot is the narcissist. This is the ‘it’s all about him guy’. He believes in nothing more than himself, he has no room for anyone or anything else in his eyes. This is a tricky fella to notice, and even more difficult to believe that anyone could be so emotionally selfish, so self-centred. The moment you figure out he is this kind of monster, flee for your life. For him, it is a one-man-show, you are part of the stage setup. You do not exist.



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