Warrant of arrest issued to top bank official


Kampala: The Anti-Corruption Court has issued an arrest warrant to the Uganda Development Bank Ltd (UDBL) chief executive officer, Ms Patricia Ojangole, after she allegedly eluded police that had gone to arrest her on Friday.

The warrant, issued by Chief Magistrate Sarah Langa Siu, was prompted by the IGG after Ms Ojangole failed to appear before her court on Friday to plead to the charges of having “conflict of interest” contrary to section 9 (1) of the Anti-Corruption Act.

Ms Ojangole, 36, is being sought by court for allegedly having influenced the process that culminated in her appointment to the position of chief executive officer of UDBL, a move which amounts to charge of “conflict of interest”.

According to the IGG Ms Ojangole, then chief internal auditor and later acting chief executive officer of UDBL, a public limited liability company wholly owned by government, in her official duties dealt with a matter in which she had a personal interest and in a position to influence the same.

On Friday, she allegedly escaped from the police that had gone to arrest her from the bank premises and have her taken to court. But according to a reliable source from the IGG’s office, Ms Ojangole will be arrested today at the Anti-Corruption Court as she reports to answer to another case.


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