VIDEOS: Youth storm Mbabaziand#039s home

A group of youth calling themselves the NRM 247 have this morning stormed former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s home in Kololo, a Kampala suburb.

The youth, who refused to identify themselves by their real names, were led by a one “kojja Kojja”.
They arrived at Mr Mbabazi’s home at Plot 1 Kololo at 6am dressed in President Museveni’s T-shirts and carrying banners which bore a message they said was for Mr Mbabazi.

Among their messages to the presidential hopeful was that they were tired of his empty promises.
The youth claimed Mr Mbabazi promised them jobs and money early this year, but has since forgotten them. They also said they see no hope in the former NRM secretary general “since he has even quit the party”.

The youth, however, contradicted themselves on when Mr Mbabazi promised them jobs. Some said it was this year, while others claimed it was in 2009.

After an hour of demonstrating outside the former prime minister’s home, another group of youth emerged from Mr Mbabazi’s home and a scuffle ensued.

The NRM247 was dispersed with stones and canes as they also retaliated.
By the time of filing this story, the two groups were engaged in running battles and there had not been any police intervention.