The Directorate of Crime Intelligence in coordination with Entebbe Police, have in custody a victim of kidnap, turned suspect, after his account of kidnaping, was established to be a lie. The suspect called Owor Bonny Samuel, aged 25, allegedly boarded a taxi on Sunday, 27.02.2022, from Tororo to Entebbe via Kampala. He never reached Entebbe which prompted the parents to raise a complaint the following day, on Monday, 28.02.2022, at Entebbe CPS. The parents started receiving calls from the victim’s phone number 0775-738364 where the allegedly abductors were threatening to kill the victim and demanded for a ransom, further demanded for the victim’s Account number, at Equity Bank, which was availed to them.

Due to the serious cases of human trafficking, we spent countless hours and resources, following up leads in efforts to recover the victim. As a result, our task teams traced and recovered the victim in his hiding spot in Ndejje. The investigation revealed no incident of kidnap. Instead, the victim had for financial gain, faked his own kidnap, falsified messages and phone calls, to show that he was in danger, whereas not. We do strongly condemn the act because it created panic and fear to his immediate family and relatives, which they should not have endured.

Fake abductions and kidnaps are not uncommon these days and seem to be on the increase. In the last 6 months, several victims have faked their own kidnappings for personal gains, financial gains, for extortion, intense love for a partner. Others, have faked kidnaps of their young children to extort money from their respective husbands. We urge the public to desist from such acts of deceit, where kidnap is used as a tool of fraud.

Source: Uganda Police Force


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