Uwera sentenced to 20 years in Jail for murder

The High Court in Kampala has sentenced Jacqueline Uwera Nsenga to 20 years in prison for the murder of her husband and city businessman Juvenale Nsenga.
Justice Duncan Gaswaga on Tuesday afternoon sent Ms Uwera to Luzira prison following her conviction earlier on.
The judge said he considered the one and half years Uwera has been on remand.
“I have listened to the submissions from both prosecution and the defense. Considering the time you have been on remand, the fact that you are a first time offender, remorseful and the only surviving guardian to your children I sentence you to 20 years in prison,” said Justice Gaswaga.

While sentencing Ms Uwera Justice Gaswaga said couples with domestic problems ought to seek counseling from their relatives or professional family counselors instead of taking matters into their own hands.
“This sentence should send a strong message against domestic violence. Domestic violence is not the solution to family problems,” he said.
The judge’s remarks followed an earlier submission by Uwera’s lawyers in which they asked court for a lenient sentence for the convict who was facing a possible maximum death sentence, saying she was the only surviving parent of their two children.
In his ruling earlier on, Justice Duncan Gaswaga poured water on the defence’s passionate argument that the case was all but a family property contest and the in-laws were pursuing her over the same.
He clarified, “From the outset, I must warn that the matter before me is not a civil matter. This is a criminal session to determine guilty or not guilty. The family court is already dealing with the property issue.”
Justice Gaswaga further read, “This case is a result of the state carrying out its duty of prosecuting crime. There is no evidence that the in-laws pushed for the case, it is totally wrong for defence to take this as a property fight, it is misleading and diversionary.”
“I am satisfied that the prosecution has proved its case beyond reasonable doubt. The accused is guilty and convicted as charged.” When Justice Duncan Gaswaga made this pronouncement, on Monday at about 11:30am in his signature baritone voice, Court Room 1 was engulfed in silence and emotion.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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