Utilise Your Authority Wisely – Archbishop Emeritus Orombi to Mak Staff

Makerere University is a prestigious institution in East Africa and has a lot of demands that it has to fulfill. It therefore needs focused and passionate leaders who will look at raising its glory day by day, echoed Archbishop Emeritus, His Grace Dr. Henry Luke Orombi. The Seventh Archbishop of the Church of Uganda was the Guest Speaker at the Prayer Meeting hosted for Staff of Makerere University by St. Francis Chapel on Friday, 13th September 2019 as part of MAKFEST 2019.

The Meeting hosted at School of Food Technology Conference Hall also served as an occasion to relaunch the Joint Staff Fellowship. The Fellowship was formed for purposes of bringing together all Makerere University staff members regardless of denomination to reflect on their lives, responsibilities and pray for their institution.

Preaching to the congregation, Archbishop Emeritus Orombi, urged the listeners to have diligence and passion when fulfilling their duties as this can be done through self-sacrifice.

Jesus' mission on earth was a great sacrifice as he offered all his best for the good and wellbeing of others. In the same way, you should serve this great institution with passion.

He challenged the worshippers to bring transformation to the University and the offices they occupy by being exemplary and faithful servants to others.

It is not by mistake that you are in Makerere and in that office; you are there to minister to people who expect a lot from you. This will be done when you are a good servant instead of a boss to them. Jesus had to eat with prostitutes and tax collectors among others, and it was through this that he was able to spot Mary Magdalene's and Matthew's value in the spreading of the gospel. Jesus had to go that deep in order to go that high, explained Dr. Orombi.

The Archbishop Emeritus further condemned acts of corruption among people with authority and reminded them of the fast growing generation, which is looking at its leaders as role models. He therefore urged all staff to set good examples for the young generation, by putting every government resource to its rightful use.

If every resource that is injected into this country works for the good of development, without a few people taking it for personal use, Uganda will go far, remarked Archbishop Orombi.

Representing the Vice Chancellor of Makerere University Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, Dr. Norah Jessica Aguti from the College of Education and External Studies (CEES) noted that Makerere University plays a central role in building human capital for the nation, as most of the top positions in the country are occupied by Makerereans. This, she said, is a sign that quality services are delivered by staff to the students.

She noted that the University is now looking towards feeding the inner souls of not only the students but the staff, as one of the ways of reducing on the high number of cases of corruption in our Motherland.

Making reference to the University motto We build for the future, Dr. Aguti echoed the need to have a strong foundation laid for the betterment of everyone's well-being in the country, noting that this can be done through feeding of people's inner souls.

Dr. Aguti challenged Makerere University staff to make a difference in all they do as its one way they will raise the flag of the mighty University to great heights. She urged staff to fight the evil acts of corruption, hooliganism and rebellion among others in order to bring back the glory of Makerere University.

Addressing the congregation, the Chaplain St. Francis Chapel Makerere University Reverend Canon Onesimus Asiimwe thanked staff members for turning up and in a very special way, welcomed the Archbishop Emeritus. He thanked Dr. Orombi for always sparing time to attend Makerere University functions when invited, stating that this was a clear demonstration of his love for the institution.

He applauded the Makerere University Joint Fellowship for the great work done in bringing different college staff together and pledged to support them when the need arises.

Rev. Canon Asiimwe revealed that he had his first encounter with the Archbishop Emeritus in 1997 and noted that his life had changed ever since Dr. Orombi anointed, mentored and introduced him to several people and churches.

The Acting Manager Employment Division, Directorate of Human Resources, Mrs. Josephine Apolot Opolot thanked staff for attending the Prayer Meeting and shared that a Steering Committee had been put in place to organise Joint Staff Fellowships every last Thursday of the month.

The members appointed to the Steering Committee were anointed and commissioned by Archbishop Emeritus Orombi. They included;

1. Dr. Norah Jessica Aguti

2. Dr. Jessica Kaahwa

3. Dr. Chris Tuhirirwe

4. Ms. Josephine Apolot Opolot

5. Ms. Christine Ninsiima

6. Mr. Samuel Kapasa

7. Mr. Grace Musiime

8. Dr. Proscovia Katumba

9. Dr. Barbara Nerima

Source: MAKERERE University


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