US army offers cash for information on LRA rebels

By: James Owich

Kampala: The United States army is offering cash to former LRA fighers who can volunteer information that can lead to the capture of senior LRA commanders.

The Defence Reward for Information Programme is also intended to increase knowledge of former LRA fighters.

During the handover of $900 (about Shs2.3 million) to the former LRA fighters at Fourth Division headquarters in Gulu last week, Maj Jose Reyes, the US Army Information Operations Officer under the Special Operations Command Forward Center- Central Africa, said the army will produce flyers and drop them in the jungles to create awareness.

“Messages will be aired on local radio stations across the regions affected by the LRA insurgency on the cash reward to anybody who can give information on the whereabouts of the wanted commanders,” “People are still unaware about the cash reward that is aimed at ending the long war in the affected countries, but we hope that popularising it will make a difference,” he adds.

The flyers were distributed to encourage LRA combatants surrender. So far, 79 per cent of LRA rebels who have surrendered in the past year cited “come home” flyers as influential in their escape.

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