UPDF calms down tension in Moyo

The commander of the UPDF contingent in South Sudan, Brig Kayanja Muhanga, has intervened to stop violence that has forced some South Sudanese living in Moyo District to flee back to their country.
The protests by Moyo residents, which started peacefully but later culminated in attacks on South Sudanese nationals and destruction of their property, follows the arrest and detention of local leaders and census officials by South Sudan policemen in Wano Village in Moyo Sub-county recently.

The area is claimed by both countries.
During a security meeting on Tuesday afternoon, Brig Muhanga said: “There should be no further arrest and torture because of a border dispute because it is bad for brothers and sisters who share common heritage to fight. We have to cooperate to ensure peace prevails at borders just like we are helping in South Sudan.”
UPDF soldiers and police were deployed heavily in the district on Tuesday to stop protests.
Moyo Residents on Monday locked the Afoji border post with a chain and barricaded it with a log. However, immigration officials later destroyed the chain and business resumed.

Peace plea
The commissioner for Kajo-Keji County in South Sudan, Mr Henry Sabuni, said: “I will not engage my government in senseless war with the Madi community but if the violence does not stop like we see South Sudanese fleeing back now, we will let them…leave Moyo.”
He said the government of South Sudan would protect Ugandans living in Kajo-Keji County.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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