Unity Cup: Sector 5 of Orodara wins the trophy

Sector 5 of Orodara won on Saturday May 06, 2023, the final of the 3rd edition of the Unity Cup, beating sector 2 by the score of 1 goal to zero .

The 3rd edition of the Unity Cup closed its doors on Saturday May 6, 2023 at the Orodara stadium, in front of a crowd of great days.

Of the 14 teams, those from sectors 5 and 2 made it to the end of the tournament.

These two teams delivered a great final, won by sector 5 by the smallest of the brands.

The champion team gets away with the trophy, an envelope of 200,000 FCFA, a ball and a set of jerseys.

The finalist, sector 02 left with an envelope of 150,000 FCfa, a ball and a set of jerseys.

Samogohiri, the third team, had 100,000 FCFA and a ball.

According to the dean of the promoters, Victor Traoré, this cup, as its name suggests, is placed under the sign of unity.

According to him, this third edition went well despite some difficulties. For him, it's a challenge met and a great satisfaction.

Victor Traoré also took the opportunity to express his sincere thanks to all those who contributed in one way or another to the success of this sporting event.

The sponsors Professor Kalifa Traoré and Hervé Konaté, former member of the National Assembly, welcomed this initiative which contributes to solidifying living together and social cohesion.

Thus, they praised the merit of the organizers and invited the daughters and sons of the city of the orchard to support this sporting event.

The High Commissioner of the province of Kénédougou also patron of this ceremony, through the voice of the secretary general of the province Bassama Ko, praised the initiative.

Ko suggested that in a particularly difficult context marked by insecurity in Burkina Faso, living together is put to the test.

For him, the organization of the unity cup, one of the major objectives of which is to bring together the daughters and sons of the province of Kénédougou, through sport, particularly football, is a salutary act.

Finally, Bassama Ko invited the youth of Kénédougou to cultivate tolerance, solidarity, forgiveness and social cohesion which are the cardinal values of our society that the cup of unity advocates.

As a reminder, the cup of unity was worn on the baptismal font by four young natives of Orodara. They are Djakalia Barro, Victor Traoré, Abdramane Tioro and Yacouba Coulibaly.

Source: Burkina Information Agency