UNHCR Uganda: Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Thematic Report (November 2018)

Key Figures

- 5,159: Total incidents January to November

November developments

313 (280F, 33M) new incidents were reported from 13 refugee hosting districts, bringing the total incidents reported from the beginning of the year to 5159.

Most incidents from the settlements are reported to have been perpetrated by intimate partners. This is attributed to issues of gender inequality and abuse of power at the family and community spheres, alcoholism, poverty, scarcity of food and conflict in country of origin.

In Kampala, incidents of rape were the most reported. The major contributing factors of the violence are survival complexities in urban settings. Homes, water points, on the way from school or work at night (dark corners in slums and streets) are common places where SGBV occurs. Most survivors remain silent or report late due to fear of reprimand and/or mistrust on getting supported if reported.

Most perpetrators were unknown to survivors.

UNHCR and partners continue to enhance SGBV awareness campaigns to address issues of under/late reporting of incidents among refugees and host community.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees