UNHCR Uganda Monthly Update: Refugee Status Determination (RSD) (November 2018)

Monthly Trend of Asylum Seekers:

Of the 1,721 new asylum seekers registered at the Refugee Desk in Kampala, 959 were Somalis, 568 Eritreans and 65 Burundians indicating a continuous and onward trend compared to previous months.

3,713 asylum seekers from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were recorded in the south west and mid-west operations, which was lower than previous months. The main reasons of flight included tension and violence in North Kivu and Ituri Provinces.

More than 600 new asylum seekers from South Sudan, largely women and children, were reported. Although the numbers declined over the past month, they fled largely due to human rights violations perpetrated by government and rebel groups and breakdown of livelihoods and basic services.

Continuous arrival of Burundian asylum seekers (253 individuals) was recorded in Nakivale settlement owing to continuous threats and arrests linked to refusal to vote/voting against the May 2018 referendum.

Status Determination:

The Refugee Eligibility Committee (REC), during the session of 20-23 November in Kyaka settlement, adjudicated asylum claims of 406 HH/1,093 individuals largely from the DRC. A total of 371 HH/1,007 individuals were granted refugee status.

The REC, during the session of 28-30 November in Kyangwali settlement, adjudicated 513 HH/1,187 individuals, largely from the DRC. A total of 493 HH/1,158 individuals were granted refugee status.

The Refugee Appeals Board (RAB), during the sessions of 6 � 8 November and 20 � 22 November, reviewed 29 appeal cases involving 43 individuals, the majority of whom were Eritreans. The RAB set aside 08 REC decisions, confirmed 12 and decided to hold a hearing of eight cases. In addition, one case was deferred to the RAB secretariat to clarify procedural questions.

Source: Government of Uganda


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