‘Unemployed’ group denies rebel ties


Unemployed Ugandans under their association, the National Association of the Unemployed (NAU), have denied claims by Kampala Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Aisha Kabanda that they have ties to rebel groups.
Addressing the media in Kampala on Tuesday, Ms Kabanda said NAU was using the countrywide and ongoing exercise of registering all unemployed youth as a ploy to recruit for armed rebellion.
However, the Nau coordinator, Ms Doreen Nyanjura, said the RCC’s move is intended to prepare a case of treason against them.
“We know that her statement is to justify their plan to massively arrest youth and charge them with treason,” she told journalists on Wednesday.

Ms Nyanjura said the NRM government was in a better position to know how rebels operate.
“This government came to power through rebel activities. We, therefore, expect them to know better how rebel activities are organised unless they want to tell the world that they learned nothing and forgot everything from all their rebel activities,” she said.
They appealed to the public to avail jobs to their members who have so far registered and challenged government to enact viable policies which will lead to government creating jobs for the youth.
“Instead of genuinely attempting to solve the problem at hand, they are militarising economic sectors, distributing handouts, levying heavy taxes on small business created by youth…,” she added.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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