Uneb issues complicated – Minister Alupo

By: Isaac Imaka

Education Minister Jessica Alupo yesterday said she submitted names of candidates who passed an interview to replace Uneb executive secretary to the President because the matter was complicated. “When I see things have become complicated, especially things to do with boards and councils, I submit them to Mzee. I don’t see any problem. I have to seek guidance from him,” Ms Alupo said.

Her response follows the Inspector General of Government, Ms Irene Mulyagonja’s letter accusing her of dragging the President into the saga.

Justice Mulyagonja in response to a January 16 letter from Ms Alupo informed her that the power to appoint the executive secretary lies with the minister who does it in consultation with the board and any shortcomings should be blamed on the minister, and not on the President.

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