Uganda’s police chief scoffs at donors

Kampala- The police chief, Gen Kale Kayihura, has told Ugandans to desist from the habit of begging and dependence on aid and adopt the culture of self-reliance as the only sustainable way to develop.

Gen Kayihura said Uganda has both human and non-human resources to enable her transform the economy.

“We must graduate from the ‘beggar mentality’. It is high time we developed this country by ourselves,” Gen Kayihura said at the commissioning construction works for the cancer diagnostics centre in Kololo.

His comments come as western countries continue to cut aid to Uganda after President Museveni assented to the Anti-Homosexuality Act that punishes people involved in gay acts.Some of government institutions likely to be affected by the aid cut include the police, which benefits from donor funds sent to the Justice Law and Order Sector.

Earlier, Gen Kayihura had pleaded with the Irish not to cut aid over corruption allegations in the Office of the Prime Minister, saying “The corruption is a fight. So it isn’t the time to abandon us on the battle-field”.

Since the aid cut, police has been looking for new partners in Asia, including North Korea, China and India. Most of the new logistics procurement, like vehicles and weapons, are from the three countries. The police is also building capacity to manage its own projects.

“2014 is a year of action. We are tired of words and this facility should be ready by June this year because as you can see, it is our construction unit handling the project which will benefit the UPDF, Uganda Prisons and sections of the public,” he said.

Source: Daily Monitor

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