Ugandan students in Algeria miss monthly allowances

Ugandan students in Algeria on government sponsorship have not been given their allowances for the past three months, Daily Monitor has learnt.
According to one of the students who preferred anonymity for fear of being victimised, their monthly allowance of $300 (Shs783,894) for each student has not been given to them since June.
“I am a Ugandan student studying in Algeria and we haven’t yet received our allowances. It’s been a long time since we received our last allowance. We don’t have money for school materials,” she said.
Education ministry officials confirmed the report of missed allowances but said the money would soon be sent to the students.

“We sent a request for payment of the allowances on June 21 and we are about to complete processing it. Right now, the payment for this quarter is about to be ready now that the Budget has been approved. As a ministry, we are paid on quarterly basis for a new financial year. That is why it took long for the students to receive their allowances,” Mr Patrick Muinda, assistant commissioner for communication at the ministry, said.
However, he was quick to add that the missing allowances are not meant for upkeep or tuition fees because all those are provided for.
“We have confirmed with the Algerian government that the students are receiving their stipend so there is no need to worry. The money we give them is a top up but their upkeep, transport, tuition fees or hospital bills are already catered for on this scholarship programme,” Mr Muinda added.
He said there are 214 students on government scholarship in Algeria.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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