KAMPALA, April 14 — Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has stressed the importance of a digitalized national identity card, saying it is a difficult document to fall prey to forgery.

He said this when addressing the nation from State House Nakasero here Sunday, on the eve of the nation-wide exercise of registration in preparation for the issuance of a national card to citizens of Uganda. The four-month exercise kicks off Monday.

Museveni revealed that the registration for the new identity cards would begin at all parishes throughout the country.

The biometric data on the car would be centrally stored, the president said, pointing out that the information captured would also include the citizen’s blood group. He said that this would ease the work of medical personnel in knowing the blood groups of people in the event that one was involved in an accident and required blood transfusion.

He said the DNA of citizens would also be captured and such data would help the police to identify persons involved in crimes such as rape. He added that the exercise would eliminate people involved in fraud and impersonators. He observed that cheating in elections would stop since a computerized electoral register would be available.

The president revealed that among the negative characters to be eliminated by the exercise would be serial bank loan defaulters. He added that the new national identity cards would be used as travel documents within the East African Community (EAC) region.


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