KAMPALA, President Yoweri Museveni has condemned the practice of giving juveniles contraceptives to prevent teenage pregnancies in schools.

In a speech read by State Minister for Ethics, Father Simon Lokodo, at an abstinence celebration at the Uganda Manufacturers Association recently, Museveni said contraception or family planning was for people who are old enough to plan for their families.

Museveni added that a youth who is a minor should be guided and helped accordingly by the parents or guardians to focus on their studies or develop their careers. Giving underage children contraceptives is only treating the symptom rather than the root cause of the problem.

More efforts should be put into dealing with the root cause of the problems of teenage pregnancy. That is why I am happy with the organizers of this event who are addressing the root causes of teenage pregnancy by promoting abstinence which is possible and attainable, the president said.

He called on Ugandan organizations to amend their ways and align themselves and their programmes to what will build the youth. Otherwise the government will have no alternative but to take appropriate measures to safeguard our youth and citizens, he added.

Last year, the President also added his voice to members of Parliament from across the political divide calling for the banning of dissemination of sexual education materials in schools. They argued that some schools were exposing children in lower classes to inappropriate sexual education material, which they said had fuelled sexual activities among minors.


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