Ugandan medic develops anti-vomiting porridge

Pregnant women, dehydrated children, people living with HIVAids and cancer patients suffer frequent symptoms, including frequent throwing up. While this creates an uncomfortable feeling, a formulated mixture of soy beans, millet flour and ginger used to form porridge could be the answer to preventing such occurrences. It is the brainwork of Dr Labius Mutanda, a retired medical doctor and community health specialist.

Branded as FEMU anti-vomiting porridge, Dr Mutanda says the porridge does not only prevent a person from vomiting, it also provides crucial nutrients to the body. “In addition, the ginger in the porridge contains substances that kill bacteria in the body, increase appetite and generate warmth for the body. It can also prevent nausea,” Dr Mutanda explains. He adds: “The porridge can be consumed by a patient before taking any medication that is likely to cause them to throw-up.”

Vomiting is the involuntary, forceful expulsion of the contents in a person’s stomach through the mouth, and sometimes even the nose. This can be caused by several conditions, or may present as a specific response to ailments such as gastritis or poisoning.

Dr Mutunda says the porridge can also be used by pregnant women as an anti-depressant. According to him, it contains bioidentical, which is similar to those found in the body, and therefore help to restore hormone balance.

Developed in 2003, the anti-vomiting porridge has been registered under the National Innovation Fund of the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology.

Who is Dr mutanda
Dr Labius Mutanda is a holder of a doctorate of medicine from University of Nairobi Medical School. He currently specialises in community health. He previously worked as a researcher at the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Diseases, Bangladesh. He has also worked with the Kenya Medical Research Institute and the Central Public Health Laboratories in Uganda.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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