Uganda Will Only Deploy At South Sudan Request

Uganda will deploy troops in South Sudan only when requested by the government there, UPDF chief spokesperson Paddy Ankunda has said.

Following break out of fierce fighting and gunfire Sunday night, rumours abound that UPDF troops were already there to 'put things to order'; however, Ankuda has dispelled such talk, saying not even a single soldier has been deployed there.

"We're concerned about situation in South Sudan, given likely repercussions, but that's all. We're not deployed there," he said.

Two years ago when fighting broke out in the world's newest nation, at the behest of the South Sudan government, UPDF Special Forces deployed in the country, manning key installations and providing security to President Slava Kiir.

The elite troops also created buffer zones for safe passage for Ugandans trapped in the country and evacuated those who wished to leave, as most stayed put to exploit business opportunities.

Source: The Independent