Uganda: Two Arrested As NDA Impounds Stolen Govt Drugs Worth Shs250m

National Drug Authority (NDA) has impounded government drugs worth Shs250 million from illegal dealers in Kampala.

Two dealers were as a result arrested Thursday night in Nansana and Kampala during a special operation with police to crack down on unscrupulous and illegal operators in pharmaceuticals not authorized by NDA.

The Authority said such unscrupulous operators compromise the quality of health services where medicines available on the market fail to treat the stated diseases and conditions resulting in treatment failures result in a rising number of deaths.

"NDA conducted an overnight operation in Nansana West 2B Zone and in Lusaze, Mapeera Zone. Two suspects have been arrested. Margaret Namutembi of Nansana West 2B Zone and Edith Kunihira of Lusaze, Mapeera Zone. They are being held at Nansana Police Station and Old Kampala Police Station respectively," the press statement reads in part.

The NDA said the arrested dealers will be charged on three counts of operating a business of a pharmacist without a license contrary to Section 14 (1) of the National Drug Policy/Policy Act 2002; unlawful possession of government stores contrary to Section 316 of the panel code Act and unlawful possession of classified drugs contrary to section 27(2) of the National Drug Policy/Policy Act 2002.

"Drugs and other health products you buy from unlicensed operators can expose you to health risks during the fight against COVID-19. Strictly buy drugs from outlets licensed by the National Drug Authority and take medicines as prescribed by a qualified health worker," further reads the press statement.


In February this year, the NDA impounded government drugs worth Shs90 million from private pharmacies and clinics in Bugisu and Sebei sub-regions in the eastern region.

The drugs were recovered during an operation to crack down on drug outlets that are not complying with licensing requirements and dealing in unregistered medicines.

The operations, which took place at the weekend, covered six districts of Mbale, Sironko, Bulambuli, Sironko, Kapchorwa, Kween, and Namisindwa.

Among the impounded drugs included unregistered medicines such as viagra and postinor not meant for the market in Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, and Zambia.

Source: The Monitor


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