Uganda: Twelve died, several hospitalised from suspected alcohol poisoning; 4 suspects arrested

— Police in north-western Uganda are investigating the deaths of a dozen people who are suspected to have consumed a locally manufactured gin.

The deaths are said to have been registered between Saturday and Sunday in the Madi-Okollo district.

Several others, including one trader selling the gin known as City 5 Pineapple Flavoured Gin, have been hospitalised with suspected poisoning.

It is not clear what the ingredients in the drink are, but “demineralised water, extra neutral alcohol and pineapple flavour” are listed on the bottle.

A regional police spokesperson said that the gin samples have been collected and will be submitted to the government chemist to conduct tests.

Four suspects have been arrested, and the cottage factory where the gin was being manufactured closed, as investigations continue.

Deaths from adulterated alcohol are common in Uganda. In 2010, at least 80 people died in southwestern Uganda after drinking alcohol laced with methanol, according to authorities. 

Source: Nam News Network


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