KAMPALA, The Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), together with the African Fine Coffees Association, will provide special coffee training to 20 coffee exporters and producer co-operatives in the country in preparation for the annual "Taste of Harvest" competition and auction.

During the training, exporters and producers will learn improved coffee processing practices, proper use of coffee equipment, drying materials and quality management. They will also get insights into how to sell coffee to developed country markets such as the United States and attract investments under the united States government's Africa Growth and Opportunity Act.

Edmund Kananura, the director of quality and regulatory services at UCDA, told the media here that the training would be held ahead of the competition during the African Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition set for Jan 22 to 26, 2018. The training will provide participants with the skills to prepare and process high quality specialty coffee beans, said Kananura.

The competitors will submit the best coffee samples for grading by specialists known as Q and R Grader Examiners. Coffee which scores above 80 per cent is considered to be specialty coffee and will automatically attract good markets and better prices.

Kananura added that the competition is intended to show farmers and dealers that good practices can benefit them. There are districts in Uganda which produce high quality coffees such as Kanungu, Iganga, Luwero and Sipi (Kapchorwa district). Ugandan coffee in general has a great taste. It is just a matter of handling it in the right way."

He noted that through the competition, producers of high quality coffees, including smallholder farmers, will get new markets. They will also promote brand awareness for their coffees.

Martin Maraka, a programme manager at African Fine Coffees Association, said more than 2,000 coffee industry players are expected to network, learn and transact business in Uganda during the conference, exhibition and auction.



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