Uganda: Shrine Visit – I Was Promoting Tourism – Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has said her visit to a shrine on Nhendha Hill was in respect of clan traditions of paying respect to elders and to promote tourism. Ms Kadaga urged Ugandans to rediscover their roots and respect them as a basis for moral and spiritual growth.

She said as a Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, she is an advocate of cultural and religious tourism. She pointed out that the hills she visited are part of the Busoga cultural and religious sites, the reason she went in the full glare of cameras.

"It was not closed but open to clan members and these are my roots and culture," Ms Kadaga said.

Ms Kadaga urged Basoga not to shy away from their rich culture but use it for identity and promote it.

Kadaga's visit to the shrine to reportedly pay homage to her ancestors and thank them for her victory sparked debate with sections of society questioning her faith.

Mr Chris Obore, the director of communications at Parliament, said the issue has been blown out of proportion and misconceived to look like the Speaker, a practicing Christian, had visited a witchdoctor's shrine.

Mr Henry Mitala Woira, the Isabalangira of Bugabula chiefdom, said Ms Kadaga acted as a true Musoga girl, who was invited by the clan to congratulate her for the double victory as Kamuli Woman MP and Speaker of Parliament.

"Ms Kadaga was invited by her clan Baise Igaga to congratulate her and one of the clan norms in Busoga is that you inform the ancestors of your victory, for their blessings, just like they go to church to offer thanksgiving and pay the tithe," Mr Woira explained.

Source: The Monitor


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