KAMPALA-- Uganda's Cabinet has approved the merger of more than 30 State agencies and returned the functions of more than 30 other agencies to their supervising ministries.

The Uganda National Roads Authority, Uganda Investment Authority, Insurance Regulatory Authority, Uganda Wildlife Authority and the National Agricultural Research Organisation are among the prominent institutions which will be merged or transformed into departments under the respective line ministries.

This decision was taken with the aim of cutting costs. According to the Ministry of Public Service, the agencies, commissions and authorities now gobble up 37 per cent of the national budget, or more than 10 trillion shillings (about 2.64 billion US dollars) of Uganda's 29 trillion-shilling national budget for the 2018/19 fiscal year.

For over a decade now, the UNRA has been spending more than 3.0 trillion shillings annually. Agencies and authorities spend a substantial amount of their funds on staff salaries and allowances.

ICT and National Guidance Minister Frank Tumwebaze said Monday that the Cabinet had resolved to merge and return some agencies to the line ministries to promote efficiency and eliminate duplication and wasteful expenditures as well as facilitate the process of harmonizing salaries in the public services.

However, more than 30 other agencies, commissions and authorities have been retained. A decision was taken to retain ministries, according to the minister, which are engaged in the business of making money, and are not allocated funds in the national budget. All the nine public universities, which are funded by Government, will be retained.


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