Uganda: RDC Tells Residents to Embrace Industrial Developments

Buikwe Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Jane Francis Kagayi has urged Buikwe residents to embrace industrialization to boost development in the district.

Ms Kagayi maded the reamrks at Famous 2009 Limited, a stone quarry in Kikubabuleega village Ngongwe, Buikwe district.

She noted that industrialization leads to developments such as power extension, safe water, job creation and others.

"Stop resisting such developments; if you feel you are not comfortable or get affected or want to vacate then approach them and be compensated," she said on Friday.

She said some residents recently tarnished the image of the company claiming it had affected them and yet it was not true.

"I watched news recently and saw some residents complaining about Famous limited and then sent my team to this village but nobody came out to complain to me; not even the area local councils," she said.

She appealed to residents to always report to her office in case of any issues.

"I was told that seven people were affected after a stone blast and their crops (banana plantations), two animals and some houses were destroyed,"she said.

The company lawyer, Ms Elizabeth Amongi said they had compensated residents who were affected and only one had not received but the payments were underway.

"We were cleared by NEMA and Environment assessment was done," she said.

Mr Vipul Limbani, the company director said they had done charity work and appealed to residents to always appreciate.

"We cannot always give money but have extended piped safe water, electricity and we are planning for a health facility and a police post," Limbani said.


Some residents recently accused the company of destruction of their houses and plantations.

Residents said as a result of rock blastings, some animals had had miscarriages and the dust from the quarry had polluted the air.

Source: The Monitor


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