KAMPALA, Nov 28 — Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has promised to engage his Kenyan colleague, President Uhuru Kenyatta, over continued blockage of Ugandan exports, an action which contravenes the East African Community (EAC) treaty.

Alykhan Hudani, the chairman of Yo Kuku, a multi-billion shilling chicken processing company, on Tuesday said despite importing day-old chicks from Kenya, Kenyan authorities blocked their processed chicken from entering the Kenyan market.

Museveni responded at the commissioning of the company’s plant in Luwero, near here, saying: “Some of the Kenyan officials are narrow-minded. They were trying to block sugar, milk and now chicken. If I said no Kenyan products here, they would not like it. Even without the EAC treaty, the mutual interests of Uganda and Kenya ares bigger.”

Uganda has been Kenya’s biggest trading partner for decades. Although Uganda’s industrial base is expanding, many Kenyan products still occupy shelves in Ugandan shops.

Museveni asked agricultural processors to stay calm and continue to venture into fruit and juice processing.
He hailed the several industrialists who have opened up businesses in Luwero, once a war zone.

Some of the industries include Chinese food processing plants in Nakaseke.

“I am happy that this area, which was a bush and a war zone, is now being re-born as an industrial base,” noted Museveni.

The 27 billion shillings (about 10 millio US dollar) chicken processing plant moves Uganda’s agriculture processing industry a notch higher with State Minister for Agriculture Bright Rwamirama describing it as a “historic landmark”.

The highly mechanised plant is already supplying American fast food giant KFC, which has several outlets in Kampala. The plant also supplies several other food outlets. Yo Kuku today processes 25,000 birds per week. This number is projected to grow to 52,000 birds in the first quarter of 2015.


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