Uganda: Premier Cautions On Ring-Fencing Jobs

By Abubaker Kirunda

Jinja - The prime minister of Busoga, Dr Joseph Muvawala, has warned people in Busoga sub-region against resisting the appointment of non-Basoga for jobs in the sub-region.

Speaking at Jinja Secondary School last Saturday during a ceremony at which the school's best performers in last year's Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) were rewarded, Dr Muvawala said the insistence on the appointment of native Basoga to key management positions in the region is working against Busoga.

"I am an Old Boy of Busoga College Mwiri, which is also the school of the late former president, Dr Apollo Milton Obote. It is a school that used to boast of a lot of glory, but that was in the past. It has lost out in recent times due to the belief that it must be run by a Musoga," he said.

Ever since the colonial education managers departed, Busoga College Mwiri has had only a handful of non- Basoga headmasters namely Daniel Okunga, Y. Y Okot, Peter Eriaku, George William Kayondo, George William Semivule and George William Wamala.

The Mwiri Old Boy's Association (MOBA) has since the early 1980s been instrumental in setting the rules for appointment of a headmaster, but the association president, Mr Robert Kisubi, insists that such appointments are not based on tribe or past association with the school.

"One does not have to be an OB or a Musoga to manage the school, but he must be Anglican because this was founded by the Church of Uganda," Mr Kisubi said.

Nevertheless, Dr Muvawala says he will not allow continued ring-fencing of jobs in the sub-region for as long as he is the prime minister.

Source: All Africa