Uganda: New App to Inspire Ugandan Youths, Boost Tourism

A Ugandan businessman has unveiled a video-sharing social networking Application intended to inspire youth and market the east African nation to the outside world with a view of boosting the tourism industry.

Dubbed HAMZ, the App is for making a variety of short-form videos, from genres like dance, comedy, and education just like TikTok, a popular social media platform owned by Chinese company ByteDance.

Mr Hamis Kiguddu, who doubles as the chief executive officer Ham Enterprises which invented the App told journalists in Kampala on Wednesday that the purpose of the platform is to provide entertainment, motivation and quick media updates to netizens interest in Ugandan content.

He said youth in Uganda and East African region need to be inspired to become technologically innovative instead of depending on foreign Apps that sometimes compromise people's privacy.

"It is our obligation as Ugandans to develop this country. The whole world looks at Uganda and Africa at large as less developed. They think we are still backward. The honour is upon us to reverse the way they view us," Mr Kiguddu said.

"It is not true that we are less development, it is simply because we do not address our mind to these realities but in real sense, we can do these things being done by Western world," He added

He said that the App also intends to market Uganda to the outside world, something he blieves would help boost the tourism industry.

"I see this App selling Uganda out there and it will attract more tourists when they see what Uganda is all about. Our responsibility will be to take short videos about our nature, culture and post them on this APP," Mr Kiguddu said.

The App is for both for both Android phones and iOS.

Source: The Monitor


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