KAMPALA, Five grenades were thrown at the homes of two Ugandan legislators opposed to scrapping the presidential age limit and thereby extending President Yoweri Museveni's more than 31 years in power.

The two legislators, Allan Ssewanyana and Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, have been outspoken in efforts to resist an ongoing effort to change the constitution to allow Museveni to stay on.

Museveni has been president since January 1986.

Two grenades were thrown at Ssewanyana's residence and three others at Kyagulanyi's.

Both legislators were among MPs forcefully ejected from the parliament chamber last week by Uganda's special forces.

The grenades were thrown, so yes it happened. The police (have) already gone to the residence of Hon. Kyagulanyi and they are piecing up evidence at the scene of crime, and trying to find out what really happened, police spokesman Asan Kasingye, said.

But he dismissed as absurd the idea that the attacks were politically motivated.

Talking to local NBS TV, Ssewanyana said he was scared but would not give up the fight against the constitutional change.

I can't give up and am calling upon all Ugandans not to give up because this is a serious fight. What shows the seriousness is the attacks that they have now started against us ... Attacks involving weapons, he said.

In late September, at least five Ugandan lawmakers received hospital treatment for injuries sustained while being dragged out of the parliament by plain-clothes security guards that opposition MPs said were really soldiers from Museveni's special forces.

Those clashes erupted in the chamber over the motion to end the age limit.

Speaker of the Ugandan parliament on Wednesday Sept 27 suspended 25 Members of the house over a brawl during a heated presidential age limit motion.

One of the MPs is a Minister who was accused of bringing a fire arm into parliament contrary to the rules.

The affected persons belonged to both sides of the house.

The age limit motion is largely seen as a piece of legislation seeking to allow incumbent President Yoweri Museveni to stay in power. The 73-year-old will be ineligible to stand by 2022 when next polls are held.

Under Uganda's current laws, a person above the age of 75 cannot vie for the office of president. Museveni, a former soldier, has been democratic president of the country for over two decades.

In 2005, a constitutional amendment was made removing two-term limit for the presidency to allow the president to run for a third-term which he won in February last year, even though opposition unsuccessfully contested the outcome.


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