Uganda Denies its Troops in Somalia Committed Rape

The Ugandan government denied that its forces in AMISOM have committed any rape. Paddy Akunda is the spokes person of UPDF. Paddy denied the allegations by recently released report by Human Rights Watch that Ugandan forces in AMISOM have involved in sexual exploitation against Somali women who are vulnerable. He also called for AU to immediately investigate whether those allegations by Human Rights Watch hold any water.

“The Somali government did not report such claims a single minute”. Paddy said. He added how it was possible for military men in armored vehicles can get the chance to converse with Somali women with the aim of sexual exploitation. Mr. Akunda also called for AMISOM to quickly probe those alleged crimes. Apart from the sexual exploitation, the report by HRW said, the soldiers who involved in the crimes didn’t wear condoms during the sexual intercourse hence their victims have suffered from sexually transmitted infections.

Source : Dalsan Radio


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