Uganda: Councillors Decline to Swear in One By One

There was drama in Manafwa and Bududa districts when the newly elected district councillors declined to be sworn in one by one saying they can't swear in English.

Some councillors were heard pleading with the presiding chief magistrate at Manafwa District headquarters to allow them swear in as groups.

"We need to talk to the chief magistrate to allow us swear in as groups," one of the district councillors said, as he mobilised his colleagues.

The swearing-in ceremony, which was presided over by the Mbale magistrate, Mr Simon Kintu, went on with councillors taking oath in groups. "I have no objection since all of you will sign the oath as individuals, go ahead and swear in as groups since this will also save time," said Mr Kintu.

The audience laughed and jeered at councillors who could not express themselves in English or failed to handle religious books.


In Manafwa, 53 councillors and the district chairman, Mr John Musira were sworn in while in Bududa District, 25 councillors and the district chairman, Mr Wilson Watira, were sworn in last week.

Mr John Musira promised to fight corruption which he said is a problem in the district. "We have had poor service delivery in the district because our predecessors have been corrupt. We need to kick corruption out and start a new phase," said Mr Musira.

On the other hand, Mr Wilson Watira promised to unite people in the district especially leaders. "Our leaders have been divided for so long leading to poor service delivery. We need to work as a team for the good of our district," he said.

Source: The Monitor