Uganda: Congolese Police Officer Arrested in Uganda for Illegal Entry

Police in Uganda have arrested a Congolese police officer for allegedly crossing into the country illegally.

Mr Kambale Mulangi, a Congolese police man is said to have crossed into Uganda through Busunga trading centre -the first town of Uganda from the border with DR Congo.

Bundibugyo District Police Commander, Mr Martin Tukahebwa told Daily Monitor on Tuesday that Mr Kambale Mulangi, who was dressed in Congolese police uniform after crossing into Uganda illegally, entered one of the bars at Busunga to take booze.

However, after getting drunk, he started quarrelling with other patrons which prompted them to call Ugandan authorities that arrested him.

"Yesterday (Monday) we got an incident where one Congolese police officer crossed into Uganda dressed in Congolese police uniform. He entered in one of the bars in the first town from the border that is Busunga trading centre and after he had taken some alcohol, he then picked a quarrel with some people in the bar but police was called before a fight started and he was arrested. He is now in our police custody for questioning," said Tukahebwa.

He added, "Apparently we are negotiating with authorities from Congo to see how we can amicably solve the matter".

Mr Joseph Musubawo, one of the police officers from DR Congo who had come at Bundibugyo Central Police Station to check on his colleague after learning of his arrest said, "Me and others have come to Uganda to see what happened to our officer and see how the matter can be solved peacefully".

But when contacted, the police spokesperson for Rwenzori sub region, Ms Lydia Tumushabe said, "The Congolese policeman has been released and is back in DR Congo after interrogations. He crossed into Uganda, took booze and fought with one Ugandan at a bar."

The incident comes barely two weeks after Congolese soldiers entered Uganda's territory on Lake Albert and shot four police marines while they were patrolling the border.

Three of the officers died on spot while the other was arrested and taken to Congo. He was freed and handed over Uganda after the outgoing State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Okello Oryem said Uganda would use military force against Democratic Republic of Congo forces if attacks on its citizens on Ugandan soil ever re-occurs.

The killed officers were responding to an illegal fishing report by Congolese nationals in Ugandan waters when they were ambushed by the Congolese soldiers. After they were ambushed, their rifles and police boat were seized.

The two incidents are some of the many violent attacks by the Congolese officials in disputed points on Lake Albert despite the 2007 Ngurdoto Agreement between the two countries to resolve such incidents in a peaceful manner.

Source: The Monitor


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