Uganda: Chaka Chaka Uses Kansiime’s Show to Ask Museveni to Retire

By Felix Eupal

It was a surprise she had kept for the last minute. A few minutes past 6pm last Friday, renowned female comedian Anne Kansiime used social media to inform her fans:

"African princess Yvonne Chaka Chaka will be in the house, and she says the show will be epic. If you miss, what type of risk taker are you?"

And indeed, she was spot on; the show was epic. The South African singing sensation was in the house - because she is a great fan of Kansiime whose skits she has watched on TV and YouTube. So, she decided to make the trip 'so as not to miss her daughter's first show'.

Kansiime has been around for a while, but this was her first show in Uganda, and it was dubbed 'I am Kansiime'.

Before the show, she had told this reporter that it had taken her three years of trying to think outside the box how to make it different from all the other comedy shows that this country has seen. And from a scale of one to 10, she scored an 8.5.

First, courtesy of Ciroc, there was a cocktail for the VIP tables that went for Shs 3m and Shs 5m. Then, she bankrolled the services of Kampala's top DJ duo, DJ Roja and Sleek Stuart, plus hiring an MC all the way from Canada.

Kansiime also went an extra mile to ensure that those who couldn't make it to the venue could watch from the comfort of their homes. The show was broadcasted live on Spark and Azam TVs. This is on top of having a visual artist who did a live painting of the show as it enfolded - with a screen on the side relaying the tweets and Facebook posts about the show.

With nine years in the industry as a member of Fun Factory comedy group, TV presenter and screenwriter, Kansiime has, indeed, cultivated a fan base that actually didn't disappoint her, by showing up in big numbers. By 8pm, the hotel's main auditorium was full.

The 29-year-old had promised that her fans would see all sides of her and more. And to set the mood, she had singer Lillian Mbabazi performing live with her band. This is before she set the ball rolling, doing skits with Fun Factory about police officers trying to arrest people smoking weed. It portrayed how corrupt police is, with its officer choosing to smoke weed with the people they had gone to arrest.

Dressed in a blue suit, Kansiime came back for a solo beat where she went on about her high school days, sucking in her parents who were in attendance, mostly her mother and the tribulations they went through.

She couldn't miss cracking jokes about her fiance Daniel Ojok, who at one time stood up to give her a handkerchief because she was sweating. The move was received with cheers from the crowd. As she winded up, Chaka Chaka joined her on stage, thanking her for a job well-done, before giving her a gift of an African pedant. Kansiime went 'gaga'!

Chaka Chaka sampled Mister DJ to an epic audience, before talking about how she got to know Kansiime. She then went political, reminding the MC that since he is Zimbabwean, he should tell President Robert Mugabe to go home and write books - as well as President Yoweri Museveni - because their time is up.

She, however, commended President Museveni and the First Lady Janet Museveni for a job well-done in the fight against HIV.

She capped up the evening performing Umqombothi.

Source: All Africa


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