UCE results released: More than 25,000 candidates failed!

The Uganda National Examination Board has released the 2013 UCE results indicating a general decline in performance as compared to the year 2012. Of the 289,012 candidates who sat, 261,438 were spread in divisions I to IV. A total of 25,229 completely failed the exams (Div 9)

The female performed better than their male counter parts in English and Literature, while the male had an upper hand when it came to science subjects and other core subjects.

English was performed best, while Chemistry was the worst performed subject. Bukenya attributed the poor performance in sciences to evident lack of practical teaching, stating that students even lacked knowledge on handling laboratory apparatus.

While delivering the results, UNEB secretary Mathew Bukenya stated that their major challenge was Malpractice though he was quick to note that the UNEB scouts combatted it.

“No leakages occurred any where but other forms of malpractice occurred, Students received help in science subjects, mainly practical, Worked solutions on pieces of paper were passed around for students to copy during exams” Bukenya said.

“Impersonation, external assistance were detected by examiners. This was seen during marking the scripts.” He added before completing that UNEB is holding results of over 1,800 candidates.

Bukenya also lamented that schools are teaching students how to cram English passages, which is evident in their answering composition questions.

Selection of S5 students will be conducted at Didis park on 6 and 7 march. Students will report to schools on the 17 march 2014.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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