Two EAC Countries Rank High in Health (

Uganda has been named among the top 10 countries that spend most on health in relation to their general expenditure according to recent reports published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) data for 2015.

Uganda came third with 24.2% of its expenditure spent on the health sector after Costa Rica that spends 27.7% of its general expenditure and Marshall Island with a 24.4%. Other African countries that came in the top ten included Rwanda at 24% and Malawi at 21%.

The results were calculated based in the percentage of total government expenditure that goes towards healthcare.

Three African nations – Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi – feature in the top 10, with all dedicating more than 20% of their expenditure to healthcare, similar to the advanced economies of Switzerland, New Zealand and the United States.

However, when total health spending (public and private) is calculated as a percentage of a country’s GDP, a very different top 10 emerges.

Using this measure, the US takes first place, on 17%. Generally, however, the list is dominated by smaller economies, including a number from the Pacific region, such as Tuvalu and the Federated States of Micronesia.

European nations also feature on the list, with the Netherlands in fifth place, France in eighth and Switzerland in 10th.

Only three countries appear on both lists: the US, the Marshall Islands and Switzerland.