Tunisia takes delivery of school conveyances from Italy as part of cooperation to help combat school dropout

Tunisia took delivery of a set of school conveyances during a ceremony held on Wednesday at the Education Ministry's depot in Megrine (Ben Arous governorate), as part of the Tunisian-Italian bilateral cooperation to combat school dropout. The ceremony was attended by Education Minister Mohamed Ali Boughdiri and Italian Ambassador to Tunisia Fabrizio Saggio. Boughdiri underlined on this occasion, the importance of this aid which will be distributed to the various governorates. The aid consists in 95 buses for school transport, 13 trucks for the transport of meals to school restaurants, 3 mobile units for the maintenance of vehicles, and 60 tractors equipped with tanks for water storage. The total cost of this aid estimated at nearly TND 33 million, is offered in the form of preferential credit (without interest), in order to support the education sector in Tunisia, the minister specified. The Italian ambassador expressed for his part, his country's willingness to increase its support to Tunisia in several sectors, notably education and sports. He proposed on this occasion a support to teach the Italian language in high schools and schools through the organisation of Italian study days, the creation of clubs facilitating the learning of the Italian language for young people, in addition to the organisation of football matches between Tunisian and Italian educational institutions. The education sector is a priority for Tunisian-Italian cooperation, he added. A budget of pound 17 million has been mobilised to support the education sector and fight against school dropout, the creation of companies, the support of young people and women as well as people with special needs in order to integrate them into the labour market, the ambassador said.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse