Tunisia observes National Diplomacy Day

Tunisia is observing National Diplomacy Day on May 3, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad said, which coincides with the 67th anniversary of its establishment. The Tunisian diplomacy is incessantly endeavouring to raise high the country's banner on the international stage and protect its key interests abroad under the leadership of the President of the Republic, the ministry said in a statement. The President sets foreign policy guidelines and entrusts their implementation to the ministry. "Throughout its history, the Tunisian diplomacy has played a pioneering role to strengthen the country's position, its openness and its influence" on its external environment, namely the Arab, Islamic, Mediterranean and African spaces and other civilisations and cultures. The Ministry reminded of " the great sacrifices of national figures and the merits of the skilled Tunisian diplomacy fathers who succeeded, in the mid 20th century, to internationalise and defend the Tunisian cause in the main capitals, thus allowing the international recognition of the new State," and paved the way for Tunisia to join the United Nations on November 12, 1956, as well as other international and regional organisations. "Despite limited means, the Tunisian diplomacy has succeeded, in its early independence years, to establish solid and diversified relations of cooperation in various fields such as education, training, health, economy financing, investments promotion, technology transfer, technical cooperation, tourism, and others, which have largely contributed to the consolidation of the independence foundations and to the support of development efforts in Tunisia." "Successive generations of Tunisian diplomats have continued the mission to preserve the country's sovereignty, support the foundations of its independence and defend the causes of justice and freedom, among which the Palestinian cause, " the Foreign Ministry further said. They have also contributed effectively to efforts to resolve conflicts and maintain peace in Africa and around the world, thus strengthening the country and its credibility proved by the relevance of its choices. Today, the Tunisian diplomacy mobilises the necessary support, the ministry said, for the country's choices in order to meet the major challenges through strengthening relations with brotherly and friendly countries and by developing and diversifying its partnerships. The ministry lends great importance to protecting the interests of Tunisian expatriates and hails their valuable contribution to enhancing the country's image and to the national development effort. On National Diplomacy Day, the ministry lauds the efforts made by its staff in Tunisia and abroad and encourages them to make greater efforts for a more enhanced image of the country and the wellbeing of its people.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse