Tunisia has lowest annual net employee costs in several occupations compared to competitors (FIPA)

Tunisia has the lowest annual net employee costs (annual salaries and social security contributions) in a number of occupations, particularly for executives, compared to competitor and European countries, including Morocco, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the UK, the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (French: FIPA) said.

Annual net employee costs for IT analysts stand at 5,900 euros while exceeding 9,700 euros in Morocco, 11,500 euros in Romania and 12,700 euros in Bulgaria, FIPA said in a recent document entitled "Labour Cost Factors in Tunisia in 2023."

A similar position in France and Germany costs business managers 43,400 euros and 50,200 euros, respectively.

Similarly, electronics engineers in Tunisia are paid about 13,500 euros/year. Their annual salaries stand at around 22,700 euros in Romania, 28,700 euros in Morocco, 55,200 euros in Spain, 69,200 euros in France and about 83,000 euros in Germany.

Business development directors are entitled to a salary of 12,300 euros (including social security contributions) in Tunisia against 20,400 euros in Romania, 26,300 in Morocco, 49,400 in Italy, 65,000 in France and 77,700 in Germany.

The annual salary of robotics engineers is around 15,300 euros in Tunisia - still below pay offers in other countries, such as Bulgaria and Romania (26,000 euros), Morocco (34,200 euros), Italy (57,700 euros), France (74,500 euros) and Germany (88,800 euros).

Production costs data in the above-mentioned countries are available on fDi Benchmark, an international database part of the Financial Times Group.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse