Trophies for Burkinabe reggae music: Folio the Sacred Cloud Marley d’or 2023

" I am happy. When we recognize your work, it's always a pleasure. This prize gives us the strength to continue to work, to stay the course in order to represent Burkina reggae outside the borders, "said the reggae man artist Folio le Nuage on Thursday night after his coronation as Marley d'or 2023. .

Folio the Sacred Cloud Marley d'Or 2023

Folio le Nuage also won the Marley from the public. He made a commitment to give a quarter of his royalties to the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) and the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP) "until there is peace in Burkina Faso”.

"It's not because I earn a lot but it's my way of contributing to the war effort," he said.

The Marley d'Or 2023 dedicated its trophy to his two parents who are no longer in this world, to his "darling daughter", to all those who support him but especially to the President of the Transition, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, to the VDPs and the SDS.

“In the album, I invite children to respect their parents and parents to understand their children. I pay tribute to Victor Démé (famous Burkinabe artist who died in 2015), I talk about the adventure, ”he said.

Minister of Communication, Culture, Arts and Tourism Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo, patron of Marley d'or 2023

The Commissioner General of the Marley d'or, Madess expressed his satisfaction because this 10th edition was "the edition of resilience". “It was the most difficult edition we have organised. It went very well thanks to everyone,” he rejoiced.

As next challenges, the commissioner general intends to “swarm to do more with the little” they will have. "We know that sponsorship is not easy in our country and we will ask those who support us to do more because the people want to dream," he said.

Minister of State, Minister of Public Service Bassolma Bazié, President of Marley d'or 2023

According to the patron of the event, the Minister of Communication, Culture, Arts and Tourism Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo, the 10th edition of the Marley d'or is "an opportunity to show once again that Burkina Faso is standing thanks to its creators, its musicians, its men of culture, its reggaemakers”.

"It's the best snub we can do to anyone who thinks they can bring our country down," he said. He said it is an evening of resilience and tribute to the FDS and VDP. He dedicated the evening to all the brothers and sisters who find themselves far from the comfort of their concession.

The public mobilized for the 10th edition of the Marley d'or

“We came to arm ourselves more to go to the front. Victory is looming. At the 11th edition, in the same place here, the ghosts and God willing, it will be to celebrate the victory of the Burkinabè people", indicated for his part, the president of the event, the Minister of State, Minister of Civil service Bassolma Bazié.

The Marley for revelation was won by Soom noma and the Marley for the best Burkinabe roots reggae title by Sana Bob with the title “diaspora”.

Rickson Dolex Marley d'or 2022 performs at the Marley d'or 2023

The reggae artist Woman Nourat and the Lions won two trophies: the Marley for the best concert and the Marley for the best video clip with the title “Orphan”.

The awards ceremony was marked by Marley presentations of honor to artists and partners, as well as live performances by reggae artists.

Ivorian reggaeman Serges Kassy brandishing his honorary Marley

Several Burkinabe and African reggaemen artists made the audience dance and sing. In particular, Rickson Dolex (Marley d'Or 2022), Moa Dadis, Ismo Vitalo (Marley d'Or 2021), Mariah Bissongo, Hervé Et Les Paracetamol, Sams'k Le Jah, Kajeem, Elie Kamano and Serges Kassy.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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