Tribunal winds up Rwanda genocide trials

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) in Arusha, which has been trying genocide suspects, has wound up its work.
According to Mr Bocar Sy, the ICTR spokesperson, 93 suspects were tried by the tribunal.
Addressing journalists in Kampala yesterday, Mr Bocar said the trials were aimed at bringing about national reconciliation in Rwanda.

The genocide was masterminded by senior officers in the Rwandan army, the national police and executed by the government-allied Hutu militia gangs Interahamwe and Impuzamugambi with the Hutu civilian population.

The ICTR, established by the United Security Council in 1994, was given the mandate to try those suspected of planning and executing the genocide that exterminated about one million Tutsi and moderate Hutu during 100 days of bloodbath between April 7, 1994 and mid-July 1994.

The tribunal aimed at bringing the culprits to justice, contributing to prevention of recurrence of such crimes and to contribute to the process of national reconciliation.
Breaking down the prosecution figures, Mr Bocar said out of the 93 genocide suspects indicted by the tribunal, 61 were convicted and 14 were acquitted on appeal. He said among the convicts was former prime minister Jean Kambanda

Mr Bocar said the tribunal referred 10 cases to the national courts three top profile cases were transferred to the International Residual Mechanism Tribunals, two indictments were withdrawn, three indictees died before trial while nine are still on the run.

The convicts were given sentences ranging from six years in jail to life imprisonment. Most of the convicts were taken to various prisons across the African continent including Bamako Central prison in Mali, Porto Novo in Benin and Koulikoro prison in Mali.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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