Traditional Medicine Making Inroads Countrywide – MP (

Traditional medicine has been making inroads countrywide, so it is fundamental for physicians in this area to sensitise the citizens about the benefits of resorting to such method for the cure of some diseases.

This was said on Monday, in Luanda, by the MP Faustina Alves at a regional forum whose main theme is “National Policy on Traditional Medicine and Additional Practices”, which is taking place under the motto “Regulation for therapist in the southern Africa region, in the ambit of the 13th anniversary of the African Traditional Medicine Day, marked on 31 July.

“The population must be educated on traditional medicine and how to make use of it (…)”, said Faustina Alves.

She further appealed to traditional therapists to make sure they prescribe their medicines according to the appropriate dosage, to avoid other problems or side effects.

On his turn, Zinga David, representative of the Health Ministry, said that at the level of the African region, eighteen countries have already approved the traditional medicine, and they have also set up a department dealing specifically with this issue.

He then revealed that up to the present time 21 countries have been conducting studies on how to develop traditional medicine, Angola is one of them.

The event was attended by traditional therapists from Brazil , DR Congo, Uganda , South Africa and from the country’s eighteen provinces.


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