Todt tips African bodies on development funding

KAMPALA. World motosport governing body president, Jean Todt, has told African countries there is money to help them develop the sport.
The FIA boss revealed this while addressing the annual Confederation of African Countries in Motorsports (CACMS) meeting at Serena Hotel in Kampala yesterday.
“FIA is a family and the Africa region is part of the family. Take up this opportunity to apply for funds,” the 69-year-old Todt said. Around 27 member countries are taking part in the two-day meeting.
Surinder Thatthi, the FIA Sport Africa vice-president, explained further on the offer saying member countries should apply to FIA Funding Review Commission.
“In the past two years, we have received enough money from Formula One and member countries can apply to a maximum Shs200m ( 50,000 Euros) a year,” Thatthi said.
Thathi said the money can be used for training officials, buying timing clocks and safety equipment.
However, he warned officials to guard against misuse of such donations. Todt arrived in the country yesterday after a meeting with Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta in Nairobi. The two leaders discussed on how to revive the Kenya Safari Rally as a round of the World Rally Championship (WRC). Todt, who participated in the Safari Rally in the past said there is a chance of returning it to the WRC calendar but insisted that Kenya must guarantee closed routes and smooth roads.
“Manufacturers don’t want to make special cars for Safari,” he reportedly told Kenyatta. Meanwhile, all drivers preparing for the Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally will continue with recceing today. Scrutineering, sealing and marking of Turbo will be done today at Panamera Parking and the event starts tomorrow.
Elsewhere, Kenyan driver Jaspreet Chatthi’s Evo X, arrived in the country yesterday. Chatthi leads the Africa Rally Championship standings and will be favourite in the Vivo Energy-sponsored Pearl Rally.


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