Tickling Minds Peacefully

Peace and happiness are subjects that Ahmed Abushariaa is too familiar with. The soft-spoken artist will immediately strike you as a simple and calm, yet charming personality. He will crack a joke here and there and has such disarming humility – something that is quite unique for a man of his many accomplishments. He is a recipient of many continental art awards including the Sudanese Ministry of Youth and Culture Award and the Art’95 New York International Art Award. He has also traveled extensively in Europe and throughout Africa.

This noble character reflects in his art. His recent exhibition also touches on peace and happiness.

“I can’t think of any better theme than peace and happiness. It’s what I want to share with my audience because it fills my heart and soul,” he says with a broad smile.

The images in water color are beautiful, vivid, energetic and serene like the morning sun.

“I love working with water colors because of the visual impact and interaction they offer to my audience. They are transparent and at the same time entertaining,” he says.

Abushariaa has always thought of his art as a tool of entertainment using not only the water colors, but a blend of primary and secondary motifs, which tickle the mind of the viewer from time to time.

In one painting, the artist combines light elegant hues of blue, green and orange with a miniature image of a Muslim couple plus motifs of birds, the sun and the moon. His work is often rooted in his Sudanese culture hence the turban clad images of men, the moon and sun.

These are very central in Islamic culture.

But Abushariaa is not a populist he is not obsessed with aancing a political ideology. His art is crafted in a way that it is open to all – young and old, intelligent and naiumlve, politicians and ordinary folks.

In this manner, he avoids titling his work in order to make it appealing to all and not to restrict interpretation. This technique are already employed by some artists such as Henry Mzili Mujunga, Ismael Ddamba and Daudi Karungi.

Abushariaa repoitoire in Uganda for the past 12 years has etched him among the luminary artists and his impact on the local art scene is formidable with artist like Anwar Nakibinge and Yusuf Ssali borrowing inspiration from his work.

With this 10th solo exhibition, Abushariaa continues to assert his legacy on the Uganda art scene as he inspires another generation of young artists

Abushariaa’s exhibition opens Sept.06 at AKA Gallery, Tulifanya House located on Hannington Rd behind Crested Towers Building in Kampala.

Source : The Independent

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